Bombshell: People Without Vaccination Are Healthier Than Vaccinated

Bombshell: People Without Vaccination Are Healthier Than Vaccinated

One of the biggest fears in life is typically losing one's own life or losing the life of someone or something they truly love with all of their mind and all of their soul. With fearing of dying and other's dying, the typical idea to try and maximize life expectancy is to eat healthy, take the necessary pills and sometimes take certain vaccination shots in order to maintain the most healthy life and to maximize their stay on planet Earth. The idea of a vaccination is to inject just a small portion of the actual disease into the blood stream, so that one's body produces a fighting mechanism and be most readily prepared if the same kind of disease were to resurface at some time in the future.

One would figure that vaccinated humans are much more safe and healthier than someone who refuses or can't afford to receive the necessary health injections. Research is showing that this might not be the case however.

Vaccination Inconsistencies

Researchers show a comparison of many of the countries that have multiple vaccination shots readily available for those who want it or are required by their country (based on the government). The United States is leading the pack in the most vaccinations mandated. The number has increased by a large about since 2009. One of the inconsistent issues is that the requirement of these vaccinations in the United States is at an obnoxious high in about the 90s regarding mandating these shots with a 1.8% exemption rate. Despite all of these large pushes to try and supposedly make a more healthy and enjoyable world, the question remains whether how one truly knows that these vaccinations are doing anything. Are they actually doing anything or is this just more reasons to fearmonger about large-scale sicknesses and obtain more revenue in the medical field?

One of the biggest issues with these vaccinations if that they have been linked to damaging the immune system, which is largely shocking because medical professionals are often saying the complete opposite and state that this is supposed to strengthen the immune system to fight off sicknesses faster or completely as to not feel the full effect of the disease that takes to become host in the body. If they are damaging the immune system, then why are they even being required. This would actually in fact mean more people are becoming sick, which opens up an entirely different can of worms. This can consists of questions of whether the government is intentionally making their people sick, so they have to purchase medications that coincidentally must be taken for long periods of time to maximize their profits, but in reality they are slowly murdering their own population and citizens.

The other issue is that diseases are constantly coming in new forms and shapes everyday, so if one actually wanted to keep up with the endless diseases that are appearing, then people would have to start being injected almost daily to maintain the supposed fight against these diseases, but very often people are injected once and never again. This is common with the Flu shot. The flu comes in hundreds if not thousands of different forms, so how will a single flu shot fight against this many method of the same disease. It won't, therefore the flu shot can be arguably deemed useless in a way.

People must start to fight and realize that their government and the medical field do not truly care to help their citizens. There are some who do care; however, they are easily being surprised by those who only care for the money and power, but if people start to fight and rebel against such an issue, then the necessary changes may be made.

Countries And Number Of Vaccines Mandated Under Age 5 Mortality Rates Centers For Disease Control Prevention Vaccine
Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Vaccine

The charts were produced by Raymond Obomsawin, PhD National Aboriginal Health Organization, October 2009…

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