Tap Water In Ohio Just Turned Pink, Authorities Say It's Safe To Drink

Tap Water In Ohio Just Turned Pink, Authorities Say It's Safe To Drink

Residents in a small town in Ohio have expressed alarm after the municipal water supply turned a very fetching shade of pink.
People in the Ohio town of Coal Grove had a shock on Monday morning when water with a distinctive magenta shade began pouring out of their taps and filling their washing machines, dishwashers, and toilet cisterns.

The problem, which is believed to have affected all households and businesses in the little town, was a complete mystery to public officials who were sent scrambling to try and find the source of the problem.

After a brief investigation, it was found that the unusual pink color in the water had been caused by an accident at the water treatment plant which had resulted in large quantities of sodium permanganate being dumped into the water destined for people’s homes.

Sodium permanganate is a vibrant pink substance that is sometimes used in water treatment plants. The chemical compound can improve the taste and smell of drinking water as well as controlling the invasive species of zebra mussels which sometimes cause contamination in municipal water supplies.
Workers at the water treatment plant have attempted to flush the system several times to get rid of all of the excess sodium permanganates but they have warned that it may take a little while before the pink hue completely disappears from the system.

According to plant operator Stephen Burchett, the pink water is safe to drink as sodium permanganate is not a substance that can be harmful to humans. However, many residents are not entirely comfortable drinking the pink water and have opted to use bottled water until the problem is completely flushed out of the system. Burchett has warned local residents that they should not use the water to clean their clothes as it may turn any fabric it comes into contact with pink.

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