Buzz Aldrin Evacuated From The South Pole

Buzz Aldrin Evacuated From The South Pole

The celebrated former astronaut for NASA Buzz Aldrin has been dramatically evacuated from the South Pole where he was visiting with a tour group. He is currently said to be in a stable condition in hospital.

Aldrin, who is eighty-sixed years old, arrived at the South Pole on the 29th of November and intended to do a tour of the area until the 8th of December. However, he became ill very shortly after arriving in the area, and his condition deteriorated very shortly afterward, according to a spokesperson from the White Desert tour company who were handling his stay.

A doctor from the White Desert contacted the US Antarctic Program, the National Science Foundation who agreed to provide Aldrin with a full medical evaluation. He attended their facility briefly before being loaded onto a cargo plane which transported him to Christchurch, a city in New Zealand, where he was admitted for treatment. Doctors at the hospital quickly identified that his lungs had begun to swell with fluid and administered him a course of antibiotics. The White Desert have told the press that he is responding well to the medication and that he is currently in a stable condition.

Aldrin will have to remain in the hospital for a short period so that he can be observed by doctors. His manager has described the evacuation process as ‘gruelling’, which may be something of an understatement. Evacuations from this particular area of the Antarctic are rare because the conditions are so treacherous. The air is incredibly dry, the winds are ferocious and the temperature never usually exceeds zero degrees.

Despite his treacherous ordeal and his frightening illness, Aldrin is said to be in good spirits. The doctors are hopeful that he will make a full recovery and will be able to leave the hospital in the next couple of days.

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