Buzz Aldrin Outraged About Not Showing Planting Of U.S. Flag On Moon In New Movie

Buzz Aldrin Outraged About Not Showing Planting Of U.S. Flag On Moon In New Movie

Buzz Aldrin may be getting on a little; he is after all 88 years old. However, despite his age he still lets people know when he is not happy and is never afraid to speak out.

Recently the movie “First Man” saw his wrath flair up as Aldrin spoke out angrily about the fact the American flag wasn’t shown being planted on the moon.

At least the filmmakers did not feel the entire wrath of Aldrin as one person did who was harassing Aldrin calling him a liar and a coward, saying that he (Aldrin) had said that he had walked on the moon when in fact he had not.

Aldrin at the age of 77 at the time told the man to get away from him when he called Aldrin a liar and coward swung a right cross hitting him squarely on the jaw.

The First Man portrays Neil Armstrong’s Life but Omits US Flag Planting

The “First Man” movie is, of course, the story of Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to step on the moon, with Aldrin being the second man to walk on the moon. Aldrin spoke up after seeing the movie, which stars Ryan Gosling.

Aldrin was angry that there wasn’t a scene in the movie that showed Armstrong planting the US flag on the moon. This crucial scene was omitted from the movie, and Gosling said, "I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement [and] that's how we chose to view it."

Aldrin was quick to take to Twitter to reveal his anger on Sunday when he posted a photograph of the moment the flag was planted on the moon during the moon landing in 1969. He also gave the Tweet the hashtag of “Proud to be an American”.

The Ultimate in Selfie Photos

Aldrin also posted another photo showing himself standing at the side of the US flag on the moon with him saluting the flag.

Buzz Aldrin Moon First Man

The photo was quickly called the ultimate in selfies with people taking to Twitter to thank Aldrin for sharing his photos and for the journey he made to the moon.

The Movie Reveals Aldrin in Bad Light Suggesting He Is a Hot Head

The movie does not portray Aldrin in the best of light; in fact, it shows him to be an obnoxious loudmouth. It also seems to suggest that he is very blunt about his ambition and that he is not liked by many people. "Other reviews described [actor Corey] Stoll's Aldrin as a 'swaggering hothead' who is 'cynical, mouthy and insensitive' while one reviewer said his appearances were so scarce that he was all but left out of the film."

Twitter Users Defended Aldrin Saying They Plan to Boycott the Movie

Twitter users vented their anger on the social media platform with one saying thank you to Buzz Aldrin for his service and for posting the picture. The Twitter user said he planned to boycott the movie to show respect to the US flag that had been omitted along with in respect for Buzz Aldrin along with other astronauts. He also said he hoped that many Americans would also do the same thing.

So it seems that by leaving out the part where the US flag was planted on the moon along with portraying Aldrin in such bad light, the movie may not be the hit that the makers hoped it would be.

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