Cambridge N.Y. Residents Mystified Over Trail Cam Picture Of A Young Girl

Cambridge N.Y. Residents Mystified Over Trail Cam Picture Of A Young Girl

Residents of Cambridge N.Y. have been mystified after seeing a mysterious picture of a young girl in woodland, and it has left people questioning who the girl might be and where she came from.

Little Girl Playing Or Something More Supernatural?

The picture has left a buzz rippling through the town, and now the owners of the land where the photograph was captured want to find the girls family. People want to know whether this is a photo of a girl that got lost in the woods or whether there is something more sinister or supernatural to it.

The residents of Cambridge seem to have mixed opinions about the photograph with some saying that the girl is a ghost or spirit, while others believe that the photo is nothing more than just of a child taking a walk in the woods and playing.

Photo Of Girl Captured On Trail Cam

The photograph that is now the talk of the town was captured just off Route 74 in Cambridge and was taken by a trail cam. George Ball, chief, said that he had not seen anything like it in his lifetime. He went on to say that he had lived in Cambridge all of his life and never heard of a ghost that was in the woods.

The land on which the girl was captured in the photo belongs to new landowners and they set up the trail camera as they wanted to use the region for hunting and they wanted to make sure that people didn’t go through that area.

The owners of the land saw the girl on the photograph, and Chief Bell has confirmed that the photograph is real and now they want to get in contact with the family of the little girl. Bell said that initially, all they wanted was to identify who the girl was and where she had come from.

Police Appeal For Family Or Relatives To Come Forward

After many weeks no one has come forward to identify the child, and this has led to the imaginations of the residents soaring. While many residents think that there is something creepy about the photo, even the skeptics are now looking for answers. Bell said that there had to be an explanation behind it and he hoped that someone would come forward to clear the matter up.

Bell went on to say that he did not think the girl was a ghost, but he seemed to be unsure, adding that he did not know really. Police in Cambridge are still trying to find out who the girl in the photo is and they are asking people to contact them if they know.

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