Camper Woke Up To A Giant Brown Bear Near His Tent

Camper Woke Up To A Giant Brown Bear Near His Tent

Imagine waking up to heavy breathing, and as you poke your head out of your tent, you're greeted with a big bear staring right at you!

Wildlife photographer, Dmitry Arkhipov, was camping out in Karelia, Finland, planning on photographing the local fauna. However, a bear decided that it wanted the limelight and was going to do anything it could to get it.

The scary video shows Arkhipov sitting in his tent, filming the bear as it wanders just a few feet away from him. The large bear clearly wasn't phased by his presence, more curious than anything, and soon moved on. Both the bear and Arkhipov were unharmed during the encounter but Arkhipov has a memory he’ll never forget.

The huge brown bear is extremely powerful and just one swipe from its massive paws would be enough to kill a human instantly. This isn't an animal anyone should be messing about with.

This intense situation would have been enough to scare anyone off camping ever again but Arkhipov stays calm and handles it well, both parties leave amicably and that was the end of that!


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