Candy Girl Fiona Barrett Comes Forward

Candy Girl Fiona Barrett Comes Forward

No, this isn't about someone who sells candy, but something far darker and more horrible. So, be forewarned in advance that what is to be read here won't be pretty. A young woman by the name of Fiona Barrett has chosen to come forward to give a vivid account of what she endured during satanic rituals that were abusive, to say the least. Fiona who was labeled the Candy Girl by this cult because she was kidnapped as a child has a vivid and real story to tell.

Fiona tells in detail in a documentary now streaming online all that she endured and witnessed. Fiona discusses not just the horrors she endured but also the fact that she saw actual human sacrifices. Fiona endured all this from childhood onto being a teenager when she finally escaped. Needless to say, the whole experience left her scarred for life, but surprisingly she has managed to find the courage to take a stand. However, when Fiona tried to get authorities to listen to her she was deemed mentally unstable, but perhaps there was a more sinister reason for this ruling.

According to Fiona those involved in the satanic rituals were actually notable public figures. She goes into the fact that the involvements ran deep, to powerful individuals, such as politicians, wealthy industrialist and even those in law enforcement.

Some may ask is there any truth to Fiona Barrett's story? Well, there is a question that could be asked of those who doubt it, how many children disappear each day without a trace, not to be found for years if ever? This does cause pause and give some credibility to what Fiona is saying here. Also, watching Fiona's documentary will be proof positive, just keep in mind some of the details will be quite disturbing because she gives a very vivid account of what she witnessed and endured.

As for Fiona Barrett, let her be a testament to courage for all of us. She has chosen to tell a very graphic story, and she has chosen not to hold back anything in telling it. She is a true survivor, and she deserves our admiration.

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