CERN Just Got 10 Times More Powerful

CERN Just Got 10 Times More Powerful

CERN, the European physics research center, recently upgraded the Large Hadron Collider on Friday.

The upgrade comes six years after the collider managed to provide scientists with answers to a riddle when it confirmed the Higgs boson exists.

Scientists claim the upgrade would help in boosting luminosity of proton-smashing experiments at the Large Hadron Collider 17 miles underneath the border of Switzerland and France. It should help to boost the amount of particle collision tenfold, which would give them a much clearer picture of the sub-atomic world.

The Upgrade Will Give Scientists Chances to Find Answers to Questions

Cern Fabiola Gianotti
Fabiola Giannotti

The Director-General of CERN Fabiola Giannotti, said:

“This will allow us to address new questions, the outstanding questions in fundamental physics, with more opportunity to find answers.”

Compact Muon Solenoid Cern Atlas Experiment

The upgrade, lasting a decade-long has had a budget of $953 million with scientists using the money to help the collider to send out more data every year in regards to the particle collisions. The focus of the upgrade to the LHC is on the beams of protons smashing together, which in turn boosts the luminosity; this means more collisions along with a bigger chance of scientists being able to find something unusual.

Cloud Over Cern Particle Physics
Spooky clouds over CERN

After the Upgrade, the LHC Produces 15 Million Boson Per Year

The LHC managed to produce around 3 million Higgs bosons during 2017, which helped to give answers to one of the biggest questions scientists had, where the matter gets the mass. CERN said that following the upgrade the Large Hadron Collider would be able to produce around 15 million bosons each year.

Along with physicists being able to do this, they will also be able to look for other particles along with seeking out answers in regards to antimatter, along with the Big Bang. Gianotti is hoping the upgrade would give scientists answers about dark matter. Dark matter is something that scientists cannot see, but which they know exists due to the effect of gravity on the material around it.

Upgrade Relies on Ground-Breaking Technologies

Gianotti went on to say;

“For me personally, solving the mystery of the dark matter of the universe would be something great, ” she said. “Of course, it would be fantastic to produce the dark matter particle in the collision of LHC beams.”

Scientists do not know what value the upgrade will have or that of the discoveries. However, they believe science along with technology will get a boost. Technologies used during the upgrade of the LHC are groundbreaking.

“Being able to focus the proton beams smashed together is going to need super-conducting magnets, plus electronic equipment that has not been developed before”, according to Gianotti.

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