Charlie Hebdo Attack Links To Mossad

Charlie Hebdo Attack Links To Mossad

In January 2015 a terrorist attack took place in Paris, the target was the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine. At first, it was not known which group were behind the attacks, later it was the Al-Qaeda's branch in Yemen which claimed they did. But before they claimed responsibility the internet was rife with conspiracy theories, was it really Al-Qaeda's branch in Yemen that said they did it or did they just claim so?

Who was Really Behind the Charlie Hebdo Attacks?

Conspiracists online pointed fingers towards the intelligence agencies and especially Mossad of Israel as a key contender. Some believe Israel has a big problem with France because France voted against Israel at a United Nations meeting not long before the attacks and also because French MPs voted in favour of recognising the Palestinian state. The Israeli Prime Minister who is called Benjamin Netanyahu even said the vote was a "grave mistake." That doesn't mean there response would be a brutal and terrifying attack.

France was only one of the eight different countries which voted for Palestine in the Security Council, which still wasn't enough to pass as it fell short by one vote. That shows there were seven others who voted the same way yet they didn't get attacked in the same manner.

There is no evidence at all to suggest Mossad was involved; it is all internet conspiracy to date. We all know how wild some corners of the web can go with their thoughts on the truth behind global events.

Surely the specificity of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo means it was clear it would be an Islamist group angry at the publications the magazine had been putting out. If it was down to difficulties with the relationship of Israel why would they pick such a specific target? This doesn't stop bloggers, and online social media uses going wild with theories. We all have our opinion at the end of the day, what do you think about it?

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