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CIA'S Use of Journalists and Clergy in Intelligence Operations

CIA'S Use of Journalists and Clergy in Intelligence Operations

For many years there had been word that there was/is and affiliation between the Main Stream Media and the Central Intelligence Agency. It is No longer talk. Below is a newly released document regarding this topic. From 1996 on there has been a collective working to extend their reach within society using the Media and the Clergy as pawns to further their agenda.

"We'll now proceed with the hearing on what public policy ought to be with respect to the issue of the use of journalists or clergy or Peace Corps representatives by the CIA. This matter came into prominence earlier this year on a collateral discussion in one of the reports, and then the matter was discussed briefly by the commit-tee with the distinguished director. There had been quite a concern expressed by a number of people in the news media. The House of Representatives has since taken a vote on the subject as to the prohibition of use of journalists and others by the CIA. It is a matter which the committee thinks requires some analysis in the determination of public policy, perhaps by the Congress, or at least a consideration of that."…

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