Comet ATLAS Disintegrates / Covid Theory

Comet ATLAS Disintegrates / Covid Theory

While the seriousness of Covid-19 is certainly real (though death rates are lower than expected), many in the conspiracy movement have speculated that there's a "Meta Reason" for the release of an engineered virus on planet Earth. An unprecedented global movement (the first of its kind in our history) to get people off the streets, shut down the infrastructure, buy food, hunker down with family, the "lockdown of humanity" certainly feels off in all the right ways that would trigger the conspiracy minded.

So what could that reason be? There are many potentials including foreknowledge of natural disasters, "first contact" with aliens, the list goes on. I find it VERY interesting however that Comet Atlas was all over the news but has suddenly whimpered away quietly. In a more positive spin on the situation, as of April 12, the comets nucleus has "disintegrated" into multiple fragments. If I were conspiratorial (and I am) I might be tempted to think that this may have been a covert threat to planet Earth which was quietly dealt with, with some degree of uncertainty. If true, that would also mean we would see a slow but imminent "return to work" scenario playing out across the globe & the release of a vaccine which was available from day ZERO (if you knew the right people)...

Expect to see a "dazzling show" around May 31st as the multiple fragments burn up near the sun.
Food for thought...

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