'Comet of a generation' HALF the size of the Sun inbound

Atlas, a massive comet five times the size of Jupiter and about half the size of the Sun, will appear brighter than Venus from Earth by the end of April.

The exact size of the rocky icy core of the strange comet isn't known but is likely only a few miles across - but it has a gigantic "atmosphere" - staggering 720,000 kilometers (447,387 miles) wide - about half as wide as the Sun.

Website Space Weather said:

"On the scale of big things in the solar system, Comet ATLAS falls somewhere between the sun (1,392,000 km diameter) and Jupiter (139,820 km)."

It's currently close to Mars' orbit but is increasing in speed as it makes its way towards the Sun and will make its closest approach to Earth in April.

When it gets towards the inner solar system it will become one of the brightest objects in the night sky and potentially the 'comet of a generation'.

The year 2020 is getting crazier by the month.

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