Connect social media accounts for logging in

You can connect your Facebook, Google or Twitter account with your account.

Doing so will allow you to "one-click" sign in to your account with that social media account without remembering a password.

Connect Facebook, Google or Twitter

  • Click the "user icon" in the top-right corner of any page and click "Account settings"
  • Under "Account access via social log in", click on the desired social network button
  • Follow the next steps and authorize your social network account

A green checkmark will appear on the social network account button, once linked successfully.

Disconnect account

You can disconnect (or unlink) your social media login account by clicking the respective social media button once again.

Then select "Unlink Account" in the pop-up window.


  • will never post anything on your social media account without your explicit permission.
  • does not import your contacts from your social media network to