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Conspiracist Claims He Discovered Missing MH370 Plane On Google Maps

Conspiracist Claims He Discovered Missing MH370 Plane On Google Maps

Four years ago Malaysia flight MH370 disappeared with all passengers and crew onboard. There have been many theories about what happened to the plane with it still being talked about to this day. Some people believed the pilot deliberately crashed the plane while others say it was terrorists. Others believe the government was involved.

Has Missing Flight MH370 Been Found Under Water on Google Maps?

Recently one conspiracy theorist claimed that the missing flight MH370 lies under the ocean just off the coast of Padang in Indonesia. If so this would mean the plane went down into the ocean after around one hour of flying from where it took off. The media has been quick to pounce on the story to make the claims suspenseful.

Claims that the missing plane is under the ocean came from a theorist who said they had found it on Google Maps. The photo seems to show a plane under a large open expanse of water. However, not everyone is convinced with some people saying the image shows nothing more than an airplane traveling over the open water above the water and is descending ready to land.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Airplane
This Google Maps image has sent truth-seekers into meltdown

Did the Plane Get Into Difficulty and Attempt a Soft Water Landing?

Many have said the photo is a stunning twist to the mystery of the disappearance of flight MH370. Those who believe it might be the lost plane have speculated that perhaps the plane was trying to make a soft landing on the water after getting into difficult knowing that a rescue would ensue.

Other people scoffed at the idea with them saying someone had chosen a spot on Google maps over the ocean and a plane had been flying past to land so that person had posted it just to make out it was the missing flight under water. Others have said that perhaps the image had been altered to make it look like the missing flight was under the water.

The photo prompted many comments with someone pointing out that the plane looked as though it was upside down. Another person said that the location of the plane was so close to the main coastline that perhaps someone had survived. If so, why would that person not have come forward or been found? Another person said that the plane does look to be the size of the plane that went missing. Others pointed out that the image showed a plane that looked immaculate with everything intact with no damage, so how could it be a crashed plane.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Mh370 Airbus A330 370

Some people might cling onto the hope that this is the missing Malaysia flight MH370 if not for anything else but to give the relatives of the people who were on the flight some comfort in knowing just what happened on that fateful day.