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Cover-Up: Egypt Silent On Hall of Records Discovery

Cover-Up: Egypt Silent On Hall of Records Discovery

There has been a fabled Hall of Information in Egypt that is at the heart of a supposed cover-up that has been going on for years. It has been said that Egyptian authorities and Zahi Hawass are at the heart of this cover up.

If speculation is to believe, a legendary Corridor of Records in Egypt was discovered, but the authorities are adamantly denying its existence. So, why would the existence of such a wondrous thing be denied? Well, speculation amongst experts is that it is because it holds secrets that would seriously affect the way we think about history, There are thought to be times and writings in this chamber that would force us to reshape history.

Is there any Egypt cover up?

Apparently, psychic Edgar Cayce has commented that the hall contains three chambers that the authorities want to remain a secret. They include information on the secret continent of Atlantis and clues that would explain the missing link, i.e., the part of the history in human evolution that we cannot explain as no fossils have been uncovered for that period in history. It is said the three chambers are spread out, one underneath the Sphynx’s paw, one on the Yucatan Peninsula and the final on the continent of Atlantis which is apparently sunken in the sea somewhere.

Some say that the several members of Atlantis escaped before its demise, and these then spread out and determined the way civilisation developed in Egypt and Mexico.

If this were true, it would seem that the Egyptians were not the start of a civilised society, but in fact, it was the inhabitants of Atlantis that started this off. This is why Cayce is sure the government in Egypt are covering it up and hiding its existence from the rest of the world. Could this be the case?

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