Create appealing posts & get featured

A post must meet all of the following criteria to be displayed or featured on the front page:

► Descriptive title with at least 4 words.

► Body text contains at least 30 words. Repetitions do not count.

► The main image has been uploaded.

If your post fails to meet any or all of the criteria, a yellow or red infobox is displayed above the post (only displayed to you).

How the infobox looks like, and how to edit your post.​​​

► Yellow: One criterion not met.

► Red: More than one criterion not met.

If you want your post to be displayed on the front page and thus receive more attention, it is mandatory to edit your post until it meets all the criteria listed above. Once this is the case, the yellow or red infobox will disappear.

You can edit any of your posts for a period of 48 hours after publication.

More information on how to create a post can be found here.