Cryptozoology The creatures made of rock!

Rocks are everywhere, lumps of compressed dirt from which the planet is made. Some provide us with the elements needed for building the world around us, others contain some of the most valuable elements on the planet.

However when one thinks of these boulders, rocks and pebbles we don’t think of them as being alive but maybe we should.

Could there be living rock creatures out there and what type of cryptids would they be?

The comic book character Korg is a fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics and later the movies and was created by writer Greg Pak and artist Carlo Pagulayan, he first appeared in Incredible Hulk vol. 2 and after being wonderfully voiced Taika Waititi became a much loved part of the Disney franchise.

He is not the only the rock creature to have appeared on film, the nome king portrayed by Nicol Williamson in 1985's Return to Oz was a man like being made from stone.

Legends of Nordic trolls tell of how the creatures can turn to stone at will, and the stories of Gargoyles which again morph from rock to living creatures in the moonlight.

It seems that living stones have always been an idea that has been toyed with in myth and legend, so is there any truth to this what cryptid creatures match with a “stoney description”?

When thinking about cryptids and stones, rocks and other boulder based life the rock ape springs to mind but these were primate like creatures named because of their supposed propensity for throwing rocks and while talking of primates the Iroquois people believed that a race of giants who would cover themselves in stones for armor once existed, and fought against the native American tribes long ago.

These stories describe animals using rock not being rock.

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