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Curiosity Rover Beams Strange Photo Of Flying Objects In Martian Sky

Curiosity Rover Beams Strange Photo Of Flying Objects In Martian Sky

There are some people who strongly believe that Mars is home to lifeforms already, even though the planet seems to be nothing more than a desolated surface. Unusual objects have been called artifacts by enthusiasts, who say they are the remnants of a former civilization. Now there has been another indicator that there may be life on Mars and this time it comes from the Curiosity Rover.

UFO Was Captured In Photograph Close To Curiosity Rover

The Curiosity Rover has beamed a photograph back that seemingly shows a UFO zipping through the sky. Of course, this anomaly is not the first to have occurred as over the last few years there have been other sightings. This time, however, the photograph has managed to capture a shape that is more defined, even though it is a bit on the abstract side. This gives a hint that the UFO was captured in the photograph while being close to the Curiosity, unlike reports in the past.

The UFO was captured in one of two frames and this may be an indication that it was an object that was flying at some considerable speed, due to the fact that it vanished in the second frame. Some people may say that the UFO is nothing more than a speck of dust, a flare on the lens of the camera or just the camera malfunctioning, however, many people do not believe this due to other similar occurrences of flying objects on Mars.

UFO Captured Was Just Seen As A Dot

The UFO that was captured is seen as nothing more than a meaningless dot, however, in reality, it may be a clue that someone or something is out there and making their way across Mars undertaking some mysterious deed.

Of course simple shapes such as a dot may be debunked very easily; however, there have been many other sightings that have puzzled the experts. One was the case of small lights that had been captured on the surface of Mars in eight photographs. Related sightings made it more intriguing.

Objetos Voadores Unidentified Flying Object Curiosity

One question that has been asked is whether humans are in fact being monitored by an alien species on Mars or is it the government who has made mistakes and had advanced toys of theirs captured on film?

Are Aliens Wondering Why Humans Are Encroaching On Their Territory?

One thing that is certain is that appearances had been present whenever humans reached an important milestone, the Moon landing and the UFOs for example. When it comes to Mars, the bright shining orbs along with the shapes that are peculiar do seem to look like flying objects, all of which seem to be spying on the Rover at some distance and wondering what it is doing. In some cases, they are perhaps posing in front of the Rover to try to make an impression on earthlings, due to the fact that perhaps it is the humans that are intruding on their territory and not the other way around.

Mars Ufos Curiosity Unidentified Flying Object

Could the anomalies be easily explained away and could they be coincidences or are alien lifeforms making themselves known and wondering why the people from Earth are invading their privacy, or is it all related to some military or government secrets?

Objetos Voadores Unidentified Flying Object Curiosity

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