Dark Days For Earth: Looming Energy Cloud And The Carrington Event

Dark Days For Earth: Looming Energy Cloud And The Carrington Event

Earth could possibly be entering a very dark phase in our history. NASA and the National Academy of Sciences seem concerned about a certain event within our solar system, but both sides are at the moment very tight-lipped about the subject. If their hearts are pounding in silence now, humankind may be sweating bucketfuls before this is all over.

The Dark Rift

Apparently, on 12/21/12, Earth will start to cross through the absolute center of the dark rift that is part of the Milky Way. The dark rift gained its name from the space debris surrounding it, composing of mostly space rocks, some which may even be classified as asteroids or whatever planetary sized rocks are called.

The dark rift exists as the galactic gravitational plane in the Milky Way and acts as a trap for space debris. During Earth's passing of this plane, there could be many hazards. It could be like a maelstrom of rocks and other debris flying at Earth. Fortunately, the atmosphere does protect Earth from a certain level of space debris and particles. Unfortunately, the atmosphere may be powerless against large asteroids and definitely defenceless against planet sized rocks. The more probable outcome could be hundreds of meteorites hitting earth, many may be small rocks which probably would not cause much damage.

This phenomenon could be the reason why many countries have built massive underground bunkers in the recent years. Although the bunkers may be deep and secure against most threats, one must wonder what use will they have when a planet-meteor looms over Earth.

Carrington Effect

Astrophysicist Alexei Dmitriev has revealed that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 satellites have data that our entire solar system, including the sun, is moving into an interstellar energy cloud. A NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University, Opher, has stated the energy cloud has a turbulent nature. Dmitriev further explains that this energy cloud makes the atmospheres of surrounding planets very reactive, which includes Earth and the Sun. The more reactive the atmosphere becomes, the more charged the particles are. This has severe consequences for the sun, as its output increases due to the charged particles in the atmosphere. This causes larger and more solar storms and coronal mass ejection (CME) with the end resulting in the Carrington effect.

Not only does the sun get badly affected, so does Earth. As Earth's particles get more charged, so does the number of quakes increase, and so does the weather get more erratic.

Dr. Dmitriev response on how long will the sun take to pass through the energy cloud was a rough guess. He estimates the time period taken would be two to three thousand years. In essence, Earth's solar system is slowly moving through a cloud of highly charged particles. To simplify this further into what the consequences are, Dmitriev replied, "Global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years"

Ship To Shore Communication Van Allen Probes Earth

To further fan the flames, this catastrophe seems to occur right around the corner, and probably sets the stage for the latest solar storm warning for 2012-2013 from NASA. This would be the Carrington effect which acts like a cosmic electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that disables all modern electric systems and communications devices. It could last for months or even years.

Should the Carrington effect be a reality, Earth's infrastructure may collapse on itself, basic necessities may become a rarity, what comforts we have now may turn into a privileged luxury. The societal order would collapse and anarchy would reign, unity and nations would cease to exist and we may be pushed back to the stone age. Do not be surprised at this time that toilet paper and packets of ketchup may be worth more than diamonds and gold put together.

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