Dear White Liberal Saviors...

Mmmm mmmm, I think I found the next Ex Mrs. Truthdefender! love This beautiful young lady has quite the understanding of the unspoken tensions between white and black Americans, and the way they are used by the Baizuo (white left) to manipulate the political conversation in the country and keep us divided. See, contrary to popular belief, black Americans are actually quite religious and conservative and have more in common with everyday evangelicals than they do the champagne socialists who they keep sacrificing their votes for. The left knows this and must therefore constantly stoke the flames of racial animosity. But in doing so, as pointed out by the OP video, they hasten their own demise seeing as how worldwide, Europeans are the smallest group of humanity. She lays it all out for you dumb white liberals. God help you should those of us with like minds, black, white, Hispanic, and Asian, overcome the faux differences you keep putting in our way, and we come together and crush you once and for all!


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