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Discovered: Mysterious Artifacts Depicting An Ancient Spaceship

Discovered: Mysterious Artifacts Depicting An Ancient Spaceship

There are many mysterious artifacts that have been found around the world which resembles spaceships - but they date back to thousands of years ago. Intriguing, is it not? The first on the list is the most recently discovered, named "Toprakkale space Shuttle".

It was only recently discovered after 25 years in storage at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum, which has caused many scientists and archaeologists to question its authenticity. It is, however, said to be dated back 2,500 years ago. The "spaceship" is a detailed sculpture from the kingdom of Urartu, and it specifically shows four thrusters that surround one large one, and a pilot seat in the front, very much like the modern jets we have today.

Toprakkale's Space Shuttle

The second on the list is Ezekiel's Spaceships - NASA engineer Josef Blumrich much was out to disprove the conspiracy that the prophet Ezekiel saw an "alien spaceship" rather than a vision of God. However, he later changed his stance on the issue and believed the very stand he once set out to destroy - that Ezekiel saw an "alien spaceship". He later then published his theory in a book, called "The Spaceships of Ezekiel" in 1974. His engineering background coupled with his analysis of the Bible led him to draw detailed figures of the "alien spaceship", which was also published into the book.

The last alien spaceship on the list is The Sibiu Manuscript. Back in 1961, a professor at the University of Bucharest in Romania rediscovered this ancient manuscript, which was a document that was 450 pages long that was created back in 1570 with encompasses several hundred years of history within the region where it was from. The manuscript, although dating back hundred of years ago, had shockingly detailed steps that described solid-fueled manned-rockets. A description of a successful launch of a giant "flying javelin" was also included in the manuscript.

This is not all that has been found regarding "ancient" spaceships that civilizations before us might have already discovered. If you are interested to know more and see more illustrations view this video here:


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