Distortion of history. Illumination in 1800's. Mercury. How to get free energy!

If Churches were not Churches but for generating power. So many older style have copper tops and spheres around them.

image 5

Kizhi Transfiguration Church Museum The Moscow Kremlin

If the Eiffel Tower was not what we are told. Similar style old towers were in some of these old cities.

Arc Light Tower Moonlight Eiffel

image 3

Lighthouses were older than we are told.

image 4

image 6

Short video that is supposedly depicting atmospheric electricity on top of a temple.


Here is another video ( in Russian with subs ) That shows scientists proving Ancient nano electricity in the 1980`s. Even showing the significance of the cross/star of David and the swastika in generating electricity.


Being an old sparky, I am interested in the idea we had all this technology before and it was stolen/hid from us, not that long ago.


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