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Earthquake watcher "Dutchsinse" disappeared - everything we know so far

Earthquake watcher "Dutchsinse" disappeared - everything we know so far

Here's what we know so far about the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance:

1) His channel is still up: (but all his videos got deleted)

2) His Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram are reportedly all deleted.

3) No one has heard a peep from him for over three days now.

4) Lots of false reports and rumors that, "So and so said he's ok" or "I heard he was fine" or "my uncle said he was ok" or "this guy talked to this guy who talked to this guy who said he's ok", all of which are B.S. as far as we can tell.

5) The last legitimate reports we have are the following:

  • he was at dinner with his wife and overheard that he was acting strange and "agitated" at the table.
  • a friend said he had been threatened.
  • another friend said his house was bugged.
  • another friend reported he was being followed.

6) We have no other reports at this time that we can verify. Be advised that multiple strange shill or "dummy" accounts are posting false info, which seems to be part of this entire orchestrated attempt to eliminate this man.

7) We can verify all of this is related to his EQ predictions. There is something about what he was reporting recently that reached a very very high level in the government and they took action because there's something they do not want the world to know, something terrifying that would cause mass panic and also revealed some of their plans. What this is may not actually directly have to do with EQs, however, but carries a tangential relationship with them.

I’ve been watching him for over a year and he’s come up with a method of determining where earthquakes are apt to hit and is able to extrapolate from recent quakes what sort of magnitude future quakes will have. He has devoted a lot of time to bring to light that fracking operations seem to correlate closely with quake activity at the freaking operations seem to Induce quake activity. There’s huge money in fracking.

My guess is that either petroleum interests or him in his recent videos where he indicated that the earthquakes which happened in Iran coincidentally with our military action may not have been organic in nature.

I hope he’s all right, he’s on the cutting edge of some new science and it’s likely that he’s ruffled some feathers.

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