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Ecuador Giants Shown To The World

Ecuador Giants Shown To The World

In Loja province, Southern Ecuador and Peru border, many strange relics have been uncovered.

Bones and full skeletons very similar to those of humans but of incredible size.

Seven times the size of a modern human

​These artifacts have been watched over for many years by several guardians in the beautiful valleys of that Province.

Several fragments were redirected to the Smithsonian Institution of the United States of America, for people to study their density, age, weight etc.

​This was broadcast on a television program for Ecuador, which lasted two hours, led by renowned director Alfonso Espinosa De Los Monteros.

​Several other important relics and fragments are known to be in private collections, by people who are not interested in sharing them, at least not with the public.

From the aforementioned fragmented skeleton, seven fragments were studied by different scientists and anatomists, and they have confirmed, that they are part of a human skeleton that was seven times the size of a modern human.

Father Vaca retained several bones and fragments of the tremendously large skeleton that was excavated from a site referred to as “Changaiminas” (The God’s Cemetery) in his native Ecuador. However, after his passing the skeleton, along with several other archaeological treasures he kept in his private collection have apparently been stolen.

Southern Ecuador, particularly the region that runs along the Peruvian border, is well known as a location of huge significance for giant hunters. After all, it was in Ecuador that the notorious ‘City of Giants’ was uncovered and numerous archaeological finds over the years have confirmed the belief that huge ancient humans once walked the land here.

One of the most famous of all of the recovered giant skeletons was recovered on a site referred to as ‘The God’s Cemetery’ and was placed in a private collection owned by the Catholic priest and prolific archaeologist, Father Carlos Miguel Vaca. The phenomenal giant skeleton, which stood at a towering seven metres in height, was not the only esoteric item that Father Vaca housed in his intriguing private collection. Reports suggest that the collection also housed bizarre tools, peculiar mineral compounds and other items that are believed to be of a magical quality.

Naturally, archaeological experts were deeply intrigued by Father Vaca’s collection of extraordinary objects but they were denied the chance to study them in any great detail. Following the death of Father Vaca in 1999, his entire collection was looted and the current whereabouts of the objects, including the famous giant skeleton, are currently unknown. Unfortunately, this bizarre theft means that the objects contained in Father Vaca’s collection may never be properly understood by the historical community.

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