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Egyptian archaeologist appears to confirm a theory of alien involvement in the construction of the pyramids

Egyptian archaeologist appears to confirm a theory of alien involvement in the construction of the pyramids

The construction of the pyramids of Giza is one of the most frustrating and elusive dilemmas archaeologists, and scientists have to face. The Ancient Egyptians, who used the phenomenal monuments as tombs for their rulers, meticulously documented almost everything about their civilisation but make no reference to how they constructed the awe-inspiring pyramids.


Even today, experts have been flummoxed with every attempt to recreate the Great Pyramid of Giza, the largest of its kind. It is estimated that the Great Pyramid was constructed over a period of twenty years, with each of the 100,000 stones used to build it weighing between 1 and 20 tonnes. One theory proposes that the ancient Egyptian people used ramps, also constructed with stones, to raise these huge stones almost 500 feet from the ground. However, this theory has been dismissed on practical grounds, as the creation of such ramps would require more stones than were needed even to construct the Great Pyramid. Another theory that has been floated is that the ancient Egyptians used smoothed down tree logs to move the giant stones – but that still doesn’t explain how they managed to lift the blocks into place without the use of cranes or mechanical technology.

Now, the head of the Archaeology Department at the University of Cairo, Dr Ala Shaheen has told an audience that he may have the answer; putting forward the theory that aliens might have had a hand in the creation of the pyramids. After being questioned from a delegate from Poland as to what he thought about alien involvement in the construction of the pyramids, Dr Shaheen said that this was not something he could either confirm or deny, but he was certain that there was something about the pyramids that was ‘not entirely of this world’.

Delegates attending Dr Shaheen’s speech were taken aback by his statements, particularly as the archaeological expert has been so quick to rubbish alien involvement in the construction of the pyramids previously. When he was asked to comment further on his statements at a later date, he bluntly refused to make any reference to it and made it clear that he would not be giving the public anymore details about his theory than he had already let slip to the press.

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