Exposed: CIA And Pentagon Made 1,800+ Movies, TV Series to 'Make America Love War'

Exposed: CIA And Pentagon Made 1,800+ Movies, TV Series to 'Make America Love War'

It is not only Hollywood that is home to acclaimed directors and some of the most legendary producers in the world who brews up magic on the big screen and TV. If there is a show or movie that has a plot that somehow relates to the military then more than likely that script came from the Department of Defense.

Tomorrow Never Dies And Patriot Games Influenced By DOD

This includes movies and shows such as “Americas Got Talent” and “Meet The Parents” to movies such as “Patriot Games” and the James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies”. If it is anything to do with a war machine of surveillance state more than likely the government had some influence in it.

It seems that censorship may have reigned far more supremely over Hollywood than people had at first thought. Around 1,800 movies along with shows made for TV have faced scrutiny that is fierce from people with eagle eyes at the CIA and Pentagon. Documents that have been obtained by Matthew Alford and Tom Secker, along with NASA, do not take lightly to being portrayed in a light that is negative, even if the derision has been well-deserved and criticism has managed to cover exploits in the past that are common public knowledge.

The Pentagon consults with those in Hollywood to make sure that such as any portrayal of chains of command are accurate along with equipment being used properly, correct military culture and many other facts. The Department of Defense perhaps should have been the ones behind the penning of the script, and it seems in the majority of cases this is just what happens.

Hollywood Sign Venice

TV Shows And Movies Need Seal Of Approval From DOD

Series that are made for TV along with any movies, if applicable, have to get the final approval from the government. If the government does not give their approval, then there is no production. Phi Strub is the Department of Defense Hollywood liaison, and it is he who grants, or not in some cases, the all-important seal for productions that have had guidance from the Pentagon. If there is anything that the Pentagon does not like, then a rewrite is needed along with any adjustments to ensure that the best interests of the military are accommodated. If the two sides cannot come to an agreement, then it may mean the whole production is scrapped, and this is something that has happened before.

Alford and Secker got over 4,000 documents, which were not in included in the report and it was said that if there are any dialogues, actions or characters that the Department of Defense has not approved, then the filmmaker must ensure that changes are made so as to accommodate the demands of the military. If the filmmaker does not meet the demands, then the Pentagon simply throws their toys out of the pram and refuses to play. To ensure full cooperation, any producer has to sign a contract, the Production Assistance Agreement, which essentially locks them into using a version of the script that has been approved by the military.

The presence of the Department of Defense even extends to the very smallest of minute details. Insurge Intelligence has talked about many details where one-liners along with dramatic repartee that the person watching the movie would not think twice about has been the subject of bitter arguments against directors and the public relations of the military in the US, with the military of course winning.

Tomorrow Never Dies Script Changed By DOD

Tomorrow Never Dies Movie Poster Pierce Brosnan Michelle Yeoh

One very good example of this is the movie Tomorrow Never Dies. It was said that when James Bond is going to HALO jump from a military transport plane, he then comes to the realization that he will land in Vietnamese waters. In the original script, one of the sidekick CIA jokes of Bond is that you know what happens, it will be war, and perhaps this time we will win. The Department of Defense requested that the line was taken out. What is strange is the fact that Phil Strub denied that there had ever been any involvement with Tomorrow Never Dies. When the film ended, there were credits to the Department of Defense along with a copy of the Production Assistance Agreement which was between the Pentagon and producers being obtained.

The Hulk Movie Affected By DOD Changes

The military is so meticulous than even names of operations that were fictitious of the operation to capture the Hulk, in the movie of the same name, had to be changed from Ranch Hand to Angry Man. This was because Ranch Hand was the name of a US Air Force military operation that was real in which they dumped many millions of gallons of poison, including pesticide, in the countryside of Vietnam. This made many millions of acres of farmland infertile.

Hulk Avengers 1 Thor

The movie Countermeasures was killed off due to references to the Iran-Contra scandal and in the documents, Strub had said that there was no need for the public to be reminded of the Iran-Contra affair.

The documents revealed that the Department of Defense does require preview screenings of projects that they have supported and they can make changes even after the movie has finished production. The CIA, on the other hand, has an influence that is less formal and this is through an entertainment liaison officer by the name of Chase Brandon. It has been known for Brandon to go further than just the advisory category and put himself in the foundational writing stages of the process.

Insurge said that Brandon had done just this on a spy thriller with the name of The Recruit. The movie was about an agent who was put through CIA training at The Farm. The original story along with early drafts of the script was done by Brandon. However, he was given credit solely as a technical advisor, which covered up the amount of influence he had on the content of the movie.

While spy and war games are portrayed on the big screen, along with in TV shows, they do not portray real life, no matter how authentic the Pentagon says that the details are.

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