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EXPOSED: US Military Has Two 'Space Aggressor Squadrons' To Combat Extraterrestrials

EXPOSED: US Military Has Two 'Space Aggressor Squadrons' To Combat Extraterrestrials

Two teams of Air Force specialists are right now out there in the Rocky Mountains in the US preparing to defend the interests of America in space. These are the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron along with the 527th Space Aggressor Squadron. Their job is to train the remainder of the military for any possible arguments that might lead to war with extraterrestrials, along with coming up with strategies that would allow them to defend interests of the US in space.

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This might sound like something out of a movie, preparing for an alien attack. They are taking on bad guy roles, playing out at intergalactic scale attacking along with provoking troops from the US in mock space battles. They have the mindset that space battles could occur and threaten America just as foreign countries and any other hostile powers.

US Military Troops Trained For Strategic Use Of Space Resources

The job of the Space Aggressors is to train the troops of the US Military to be able to make strategic use of space resources. An example would be taking part in brute force jamming, using the satellite networks to send signals so that any original messages that are sent cannot be read by outsiders. They are also training the forces in the US to fight without the use of any space resources; this would include satellite communications or GPS, to make sure that they would be able to fight competently using only maps, inertial navigation, and compasses.

Captain Christopher Barnes, the 26th SAS chief of training said that they study any threats to the space realm, which can come from land or space. He went on to say that if they are unable to replicate them directly with hardware, they work out if there is a software solution or whether there is a way that people can be trained so that it is possible to fight through them or if everything else fails, fight in the conflict.

The Space Aggressors launch attacks that are simulated along with doing training exercises. However, more than just games, the simulations are a response to threats to security that are taken seriously. The majority of the American warfare and defense are reliant on the GPS system, which is made up of a chain of 31 satellites.

If Satellites Are Taken Out Troops In US Would Be Helpless

Over recently years officials who are high-ranking in the US military said that more preparation is needed for defending space, more so due to the development of anti-satellite weapons in Russia and China. It was said that the enemy could take out satellites and that this would then leave the troops in the US helpless.

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The executive director of the Office of Space Commerce, Ed Morris, said that the threat may stretch even beyond the battlefield. He said that when people lose their internet connection at the office they find it difficult to work, he then asked what would happen if the cell phone connection was lost, the TV, radio, credit card use, ATM access and maybe even the electricity.

Manual on International Law Applicable To Military Use Of Outer Space Drawn Up

The world over has now recognized the threat of warfare along with aggression in space and how important it is to prepare for it. A group of lawyers has been drawing up the first body of law to have been applied to space. The work has been based largely on the principles of international law that already exist and come from the efforts of the coalition and will have the name of the Manual on International Law Applicable To Military Uses of Outer Space.

At the moment it is undecided on how the manual is going to apply to the various nations on Earth, however, if it is going to work nations such as the US are going to have to choose to take part. Rather like the United Nations, without commitment and the participation of member states, international law, whether it has been applied in space or Earth, will more than likely not be effective.

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