Farm To Fridge - The Truth Behind Meat Production

From farm to our fridge is a violent journey mostly prevalent in developing countries where animals are treated most inhumanely. This truth about meat production most of us do not want to know. Whether it is the pigs, chicken or cows, that yummy burger or meat on our plates reveals a gory past. A story of most inhuman acts by the humans. Piglets are castrated ann their tails chopped without any anaesthesia, slamming the unsuitable piglets on the ground to kill them, overcrowded conditions, their throat slit while still alive and some are hanged. Similar is the story of chicken, male chicks thrown into the grinding machine alive, debeaking the chicks to reduce their pecking in overcrowded conditions, overcrowding cages where the chicks suffer open wounds, fall of feathers and some even perish. They are denied their basic rights of fresh air and space to run around. Same is the story of beef. In order to feed ourselves, we have forgotten to treat animals humanely. Shame on us.

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