Farmer Finds Pablo Escobar’s $600 Million Buried On His Land

Farmer Finds Pablo Escobar’s $600 Million Buried On His Land

Pablo Escobar was a well-known kingpin and Columbia drug lord who died in 1993, at the height of the power of his criminal empire. His reach was so great that he supplied about 80% of the cocaine that entered the US. Many called him "The King of Cocaine".

“The King of Cocaine” is also confirmed to have been the wealthiest criminal in history, with an estimated net worth of $30 billion U.S. Dollars.

Obviously the nature of his activities made it impossible for him to store his money in conventional banks, and as a result, he would bury a lot of his money in different locations around Columbia. However, most of these locations were lost when he died - taking the knowledge with him.

Figlio Pablo Escobar Narcos

Just to highlight how rich Pablo Escobar was, it should be noted that his cartel was making so much at one point that they spent $2500 per week just to purchase rubber bands to wrap all of their stacks of money.

Escobar owned over 800 luxury mansions all over the country of Columbia, so his money could really be just about anywhere. He also owned multiple football teams, gave away billions to help build hospitals, schools, and homes for the homeless.

Pablo Escobar Money Hacienda Npoles

Just a few days ago, a farmer named found an incredible amount of Pablo Escobar’s treasure. While he was digging the irrigation trench for his palm oil plantation, Jose rammed into something under his feet. Upon further inspection, he discovered a number of large blue containers with tons of cash inside of them. To be exact, he reported that he found six hundred million U.S. Dollars.

Although it is not yet entirely clear what will happen to the money, many speculate that Jose Mariena Cartolos will not be allowed to keep it and that it will most likely be taken by the Colombian Government. The Colombian government appears to be going for the angle that it will be spent "improving the lives of poor farmers all over the country".

As miraculous as it may seem that a 65-year-old farmer with nothing but the shirt on his back managed to find one of Pablo Escobar’s money pits, it seems that government thugs may soon take that all from him. The government of Columbia is not about to let a citizen become independently wealthy like this - it would cut into their own power far too much. Of course, a lot of government agents and personnel stand to get rich off of this as well. Whether he hands over the money willingly or not, it is highly unlikely that he will have it in a month's time.

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