Fish fall from the sky in Iran, China and India

Fish fall from the sky in Iran, China and India

Rains of fish have been recorded as falling in massive numbers in areas as far apart as Iran, China, and India.

Witnesses from the regions where the fish for falling said that the fish all tended to be quite small and of the same species. Videos had emerged from those who were on the site when the unusual occurrence happened and showed the extreme volume of fish falling from the sky.

Reports suggest that the falling fish have caused fairly significant disruption in the urban areas where they have fallen with cars and trucks being unable to drive along the roads because of the massive build-up of animals. However, rather unusually, nothing appears to have been reported on news websites in either China or India leading some people to suggest that the footage is very old or perhaps even faked.

However, it may simply be that the flood of fish is not considered to be so unusual in these regions. In the rural region of Yoro in Honduras, the local people are quite used to seeing ‘fish rain’ as it tends to happen every summer. In this region of the world, it is called Lluvia de Peces. It is believed that the phenomenon is caused by heavy storms or tornadoes which eject massive spouts of water from major bodies and carry the water and whatever fish or another creature happens to be living there into the air. When the storm loses momentum, the water and the fish are deposited.

In the past, the unusual phenomenon of falling water creatures was often taken to be an omen of ill fortune. In the first century AD, the Roman historian Pliny the Elder documented storms of both fish and frogs. French soldiers would later record toads falling from the sky in 1794 during heavy rainfall in Lille. Perhaps most famously of all, a rain of frogs was one of the seven plagues to strike Egypt in punishment for the enslavement of the Jews.

Do you believe in fish or animals falling from the sky?

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