Conspiracy Theories

Gene decode #12 News before its news >Tom Hanks put to death in Australia

Hey guys and girls. Dudes and dudettes....

As you know, it is not often I share conspiracy stuff.... not because I'm not into it but just because I prefer to share stuff I can back up from other sources because theories are just wild and exactly that.... theories....

However, that doesn't mean that I won't share the odd topic of conspiracy stuff. We all know plenty of them have been true and many most probably are. I cannot speak for this one on its authenticity at all and others like @Silverfox know more about bitchute than I do. First time I've ever really been on there and I've not seen this one before but another good very well clued up friend of mine brought this one to my attention and I said to him I would do a post for all my friends across the waters who may know more about it or just be more into it than some of us.

Like I said I do not know how real this is and to be honest I think it's pretty fake as a news search tells me Tom hanks is still alive and active but..... make of it what you wish everyone and enjoy.

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