Ghost watch The Paranormal-BBC-Investigation

This show was promoted as a drama, but many of those whom watched Ghost watch were fooled. Over 11 million people believed the paranormal investigation to be real, this tragically leading to the death of a teenager.

Let’s take a look at the show and why it was convincing and the problems that this caused, going back to Halloween night in 1992, British viewers gathered around their Television to watch this event unfold.

Aired on a Saturday night a time when TV was at its peak viewership BBC's heavily-promoted Ghostwatch, went to what it claimed as a "live" broadcast and investigation into paranormal activity which was captured at a family home in north-west London. The family claimed that they were troubled by a malevolent presence that manifested itself by banging on the water pipes.

Back In the studio was the trusted TV presenter and thought to be sceptic Michael Parkinson, he was accompanied by claimed experts on the paranormal. They watched camera set up in the house, follow a mother and two young girls, the family were accompanied by Sarah Greene, Sarah being a much loved and trusted children TV personality.

Her husband, Mike Smith, another UK celebrity manned a bank of phones a number flashed at the bottom of the screen. This was a number to call if while watching you spotted something otherworldly thousands of people did, hoping to talk with the real parapsychologists.

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