Ghostly Activity - HM Prison Shrewsbury, UK

On season 2, episode 2 of Paranormal Lockdown Nick and Katrina visit HM Prison Shrewsbury, UK.

In the first clip we can clearly see a noose moving and Nick complaining about his shoulder hurting just before it happens. Is this because the entity used some of his energy in order to make the noose move?

In the second clip we can see an entity captured on an SLS camera. For anyone who doesn't know what an SLS camera does, it's basically maps out individual dots in the forefront of the camera, anything physical detected is then mapped out on the screen. This is modified from an Xbox Kinect controller.

In the final clip we can see Katrina's jacket getting tugged.

I'm always very impressed with the amount of audible EVP's they capture from their ITC devices as well.

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