Giant Bat-Like Creature Reported By Three Separate Witnesses In Chicago

Giant Bat-Like Creature Reported By Three Separate Witnesses In Chicago

Three separate witnesses have said that they have seen a batlike creature flying over Chicago over a period of four hours.

The reports from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database were said to have taken place on April 15 between 10 am and April 16 2 am. At the moment an investigation is underway but it hasn’t been ruled out at this point that it may be a hoax.

MUFON Case 83325: Giant Bat-Like Creature Spotted Flying Over Lake Michigan

Witnesses on Lake Michigan, a husband and wife and two other couples all celebrating the birthday of a friend, said they were around two miles out and were just off Montrose enjoying themselves. Around 10 pm they looked into the sky and saw what they thought was a giant bat. The bat, however, was unlike any they had previously seen as it was over 6 feet.

They went on to describe the batlike creature as being solid black in color and having eyes that reflected the light from the moon. It was said that the bay was a deep black and deeper in color than the night sky and was silhouetted against the moon. It circled around the boat three times and was silent and then it headed back towards Montrose. The bat blended in with the night sky as it went and seemed to disappear within seconds.

Around five minutes after seeing the giant bat the witness said that they saw an object that was bright green travelling north to south way off on the horizon. They said that it wasn’t a plane as it was bright green and it moved very slowly across the horizon, around two miles from the position of the boat. When the object went out of sight, the people just sat stunned and they decided to get out of the water and off the boat.

MUFON Case 83243: Batlike Creature Seen In North Avenue

Around thirty minutes later another witness was with friends in Chicago at about 10.30pm. They said that they were talking about work and other things and then they heard the sound of a bird flapping its wings.

One man of Mexican origin shouted that there was a Lechuza, which in Mexico is a myth of an old woman who turns into a huge black bird. He said that they walked over the road and saw what he thought was a huge owl of around 6 feet tall with big glowing red eyes. When they yelled the creature flew into the air and went down North Avenue. He said that the creature had frightened everyone.

MUFON Case 83206: Workmen Seen Bat-Like Creature In Damen

The third reported sighting of the bat-like creature was on April 16 at 2 am when a man showed up for work in Damen and was walking across a parking lot to meet his work friends when he saw around 5 men staring up into the sky. He said that he looked up and saw a huge owl-like creature around 6 feet tall, totally black with yellow or reddish eyes that shined in the dark like a cat.

The man said that he stood looking at the creature for around a minute or two and the creature looked back at them and then just shot up into the sky before disappearing. He went on to say that it had only flown away as rocks were thrown at it. The wings were said to be similar to those of an owl and as it was flying away it made a sound similar to the brakes of a truck when they burned out. The creature was said to fly up and around in a wide circle and then flew towards the Stevenson Expressway.

Is Mothman West Virginia Folklore?

There is a Mothman related to West Virginia folklore. This is a legendary creature that is said to have been seen in the region of Point Pleasant in November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The first reporting of it was in the local paper on November 16, 1966. In 1975 a book was written with the title of The Mothman Prophecies in which there claimed to be supernatural events in relation to the sightings along with the Silver Bridge being connected to it.

State Director Sam Maranto along with other staff are investigating the Mothman creature. So is there really a large moth-like or owl-like creature of 6 foot flying around Chicago or is it just a very elaborate stunt?

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