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Governments announce: We are not alone in the universe. Get ready!

Governments announce: We are not alone in the universe. Get ready!

We are not alone in the universe, there are others than us!

Many questions are rising after a shock statements of what the Apollo 14 astronaut claims that aliens have contacted humankind several times, but Governments have to hide this for over 60 years.

A few US Presidents have made statements about the subject of UFO's and aliens, most notably the comments by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. During its electoral campaign in 1976, Carter admitted that he had seen a UFO in 1969 when he was Governor of the weather in Georgia.

"If I am President, I will end up doing so every information, relating to the UFO phenomenon, to become accessible to the public and scientists."

Carter, a Bachelor's degree in nuclear physics, has encountered opposition in his attempts to reopen investigations and it is likely that he may have changed his mind after reading the informative report on the subject. If aliens visit Earth, many are asking, why not landing on the lawn in front of the White House and not get in touch directly with the President? Of course, not have landed on the lawn of the White House, but there are signs that some Presidents have done this contact.

Famous people from all over the world believe that we are not alone in the universe. They believe in the existence of aliens and UFOs. Among them stood Stephen Hawking, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev or Richard Nixon even Bill Clinton or Obama, Dmitry Mendevev made certain statements.

Those who believe in the phenomenon UFOs come from diverse backgrounds, from former Presidents of the United States up to scientists, singers or actors, according to the International Business Times.

You can watch the video to see more discoveries and statements about the fact that we are not alone in the universe.

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