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"Greenland" asteroid disaster movie trailer has been removed from everywhere on the web

Just a few days ago, the production company released the first trailer for the asteroid disaster movie "Greenland".

Now it's gone everywhere. I just found one last playable trailer remaining on a German movie site (watch it further down in this post).

The movie synopsis

"They got it all wrong. There's a ton of fragments! Planet killers…" Whoaaa! How about some apocalyptic disaster action to make things even scarier nowadays? The first trailer has debuted for an action movie titled Greenland, the latest from stuntman turned director Ric Roman Waugh (Shot Caller, Angel Has Fallen). The mega disaster in the film involves a comet breaking into pieces, and these pieces striking Earth causing complete devastation.

Heat Font

Interesting update on comet ATLAS

Not saying it is anyhow connected, but...

Astronomers revealed that the massive comet that’s approaching Earth might be breaking apart. According to their data, the comet, which could be bright enough to be spotted by the human eye, is starting to fade.


Meanwhile, the production company of the movie "Greenland" removed the trailer from Youtube and almost all movie websites.

Check for yourself:

Why is that?

One rumor says, STX who produced it, went on strike and pulled down the trailer. But I can't confirm that.

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