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Hacker Had 2-Year-Access To NASA Databases, Here Is What He Found

Hacker Had 2-Year-Access To NASA Databases, Here Is What He Found

Gary McKinnon is a hacker who claims to have been able to access files that prove that the government not only knows of alien beings but also that they have been working with them.

McKinnon claims that he hacked the Pentagon, the international space station, and other government databases and that the protection on the files was so weak that he was able to get through many times over a ten year period. He operated out of his girlfriend’s aunt’s home, supposedly.

NASA Hacker

He claims to have stumbled upon paperwork that had listed “non-terrestrial officers” along with ships, trades between these ships, and the names of those involved. He is not in possession of this information but claims to have found it.

Non-terrestrial does not necessarily mean not from the planet, but could mean not from land. This would make the term rather commonplace when speaking of the Navy. He claimed to have looked for the terminology elsewhere and did not find it used in any other context. When asked if the information could have been referring to the Navy, McKinnon says that it is possible and that it all is a part of the interpretation.

He believes to have found evidence of an alien base and images of alien beings on these databases but again has no solid evidence. He claims that when he tried to download the images it went too slow, and the connection was cut off before he could retrieve a single picture.

McKinnon was later arrested and sued by the government. They claimed that he had cost them $700,000 and that he was committing treason. McKinnon upon evaluation was diagnosed with Asperger’s, a form of autism. Some say this could have influenced his decision making.

McKinnon’s evidence is sketchy at best, but many would still like to know, is the truth out there?

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