‘Hairy’ creature that looks like ‘Falkor’ from ‘The Neverending Story!’ washes up on shores

‘Hairy’ creature that looks like ‘Falkor’ from ‘The Neverending Story!’ washes up on shores

A strange huge hairy sea creature carcass has washed up onto a Philippines beach, and the locals have no idea what it is. People have suggested that it was a monster out of a fairy tale to a huge dog. However, it is something very different.

Locals Started Taking Selfies With The 20 Foot Strange Creature

The beach in Cagdainao in the Philippines became an attraction for locals and visitors after the remains of a strange creature washed up onto it and they began to take selfie photos with it. The body of the creature is 20 feet in length and covered in hair, and it sparked off a lot of speculation as to what it might be.

Globster In Philippines Mindanao

Some people said that it might have been a sea cow; other people said that the creature looked like the Falkor, which was seen in the movie The Neverending Story. Others said that it resembled a gigantic Shih Tzu dog or that it looked like the Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Philippines Beach Monster Shore Sea

Local Authorities End Speculation By Saying It Was A Whale

The guessing games and mystery did come to an end when local authorities identified the strange creature and said that it was a whale and it had been dead for at least a couple of weeks. The carcass of the whale was said to have been so badly decomposed that they would have to make a DNA scan to find out what species of whale it had been. Authorities said that what looked like hair on the creature would have been muscle fiber that had decomposed.

Sea Monster Philippines Dinagat Islands

The majority of marine animals that are said to die at sea are not said to wash up on beaches. Authorities said that it might be possible that the creature had washed up onto the beach in the Philippines thanks to the earthquake of 6.7 magnitudes that had hit in February. This was because during earthquakes remains are more likely to wash up onto the beaches.

Globster Philippines Dinagat Islands
Globster In The Philippines Dinagat Islands Mindanao

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