Haunting of the Black Monk House

Haunting of the Black Monk House

One of the worlds most well known poltergeist cases. The house is still chained up to this day by its current owners, even though the main family to report the hauntings lived in the home decades ago. This home is the site of on eof the most aggressive poltergeists ever reported. The black monk entity has been sighted multiple times over the decades in and around the small home in England.

Other than the entity, there are tons of reports. Ranging from nausea, smells, voices, sounds, items are thrown, sometimes manifested and then thrown. One of which, a grandfather clock, was reported by the family. It was also caught in a scene on the show Paranormal Lockdown, when the clock was tipped over beside the investigators. If that wasn't scary enough, the daughter of the family, was reportedly dragged up the stairs inside the home, by her throat.

More information on this insane story below.

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