Home Security Camera Spots Ghost Leaves Family Shocked

The security camera system at a Kentucky home captured strange images of what appears to be an appearance and the scene was so frightening that the owners are considering moving!

The weird scene was reportedly filmed earlier this month at Pamela and Rick Carter's home in Henderson City. According to the couple, the potential spirit had already been spotted in the proverbial flesh a few days earlier when they saw a strange man walking down the street before disappearing.

Two days later, they checked the security footage and spotted the same mysterious individual. And, once again, it seems to have materialized from nothing on the road and at the end of their driveway. The possible appearance is clearly a sort of figure that takes a few steps down the street and dissipates into the air. When Pamela went out to look for the man, she saw no one, suggesting, since he was not filmed later, that he was some kind of ghost.

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