Create and delete posts

Create a post

If you've searched the community and can't find anything similar to what you want to post, it's time to submit your own post.

  • Go to the homepage
  • Click "Create post" in the upper left corner (lower left on mobile)
  • Create your post by either entering a title for your post or by pasting a link into the input field
  • Click the "arrow" symbol to continue
  • On the next page, you can edit and finalize your post
  • Click "submit" to publish your post

Post a video

► If you want to add a YouTube video to paste the link or embed code into the input field and continue from there.

Post a link

► If you want to post a link (e.g. an article from a news website) paste the link into the input field and continue from there.

Save as draft

If you don't want to publish your post right away, select the option "Save as draft, don't publish" before clicking the submit button.

► You can access your drafts and all other posts by clicking "My posts" on the main menu.

Some considerations before posting

  • titles must have at least 3 words and 10 characters
  • copy & pasting full articles from other websites or descriptions from YouTube is not allowed
  • add self-written commentary to your posts in order to provide context for others
  • if you quote content from other websites, you have to match the word count of copied text with self-written, unique text
  • don't overuse ALLCAPS in titles or body texts

► Read our terms and community guidelines in order to understand which content is prohibited.

Delete or edit a post

You can edit or delete your posts only for a certain period of time once published to

You can access your drafts and published posts by clicking "My posts" on the main menu.

► Click the "trash can" symbol to delete a single post from (only possible as long as the symbol appears).

► Click the "edit symbol" to edit a draft or a post (only possible as long as the symbol appears).

Common questions

Why can't I edit my post or comment anymore?

Posts and comments cannot be edited or deleted arbitrarily by the respective author.

A post can be deleted/edited as long as it has the status "draft" (i.e. it has not yet been published). If the post is published it can be deleted/edited up to one hour after creation. Posts locked by moderators cannot be deleted/edited.

A comment can be deleted as long as there are no direct replies to this comment. A comment can be edited up to one hour after creation when there are no direct replies to this comment.

Why is my post or comment queued for moderation? uses an automated spam detection system. Without this system, the website would be flooded by hundreds of spam posts/comments every day.

This system detects words or word combinations frequently used by spammers and unpublishes the respective post/comment until a moderator has manually approved it.

Of course, this system can be wrong. So if your post/comment has accidentally been unpublished and queued for approval, be patient until our team approves it.

Don't try to post the same post/comment over and over again. You will be notified whether the post or comment has been published or deleted. 

► Click "My posts" or "My comments" from the main menu to see the status of your posts/comments at any time.