Huge Sinkhole Appears on Farm in New Zealand

Huge Sinkhole Appears on Farm in New Zealand

A farmworker got the shock of his life when he was making a walk around his property before dawn to round up his cows. He came across a huge sinkhole that had opened up in the ground, which was about the length of two football fields and six stories in depth.

Fracture Nat E Madhe

It is believed that the huge sinkhole appeared after there had been heavy rainfall for many days in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. A volcanologist visited the site, and he said that the sinkhole was like a mini version of the Grand Canyon.

Soil Bay Of Plenty Sinkhole

He said that rock deposits that were about 60,000 years old could be seen down at the bottom of the sinkhole. It is estimated that the sinkhole is about 30 meters in width and 200 meters in length, stretching out along the grass field. Colin Tremain, the farmer, said that he had not realized just how big the hole was until the Sun rose.

Sinkhole Bay Of Plenty Lake Rotorua

The farmer said that as the sinkhole would remain in place, he was going to put a fence around it to keep the livestock on his farm from wandering too close to the edge and falling in. The sinkhole runs along a fault line, and scientist Brad Scott said it was the largest sinkhole that he had ever seen and was spectacular.

New Zealand Bay Of Plenty Lake Rotorua

Footage of the huge sinkhole was shot using a drone, shows it in all its glory, and is stunning in size. It reveals fence posts were dangling in the gaping hole with wiring still attached, separating the field in half as far as to the road. At one point in the video crumbled rock with tufts of grass can be seen littering the bottom of the huge gaping hole. Fortunately, no animals were in the area at the time.

Massive sinkhole opens up on New Zealand farm

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