Is Baltic Sea UFO Nothing But A Stunt By Treasure Hunters?

Is Baltic Sea UFO Nothing But A Stunt By Treasure Hunters?

It looks like someone made a slip up when they were uploading private documents onto the website of Ocean X Team. A search on Google reveals documents that were stored on the website of the team strongly suggest that the Baltic Sea anomaly has been nothing more than a stunt to raise publicity by the treasure hunters.

Disc Shaped Object On Sea Floor Suggest UFO Crashed

It had been said that treasure hunters had found a disc-shaped object on the Baltic Sea floor, located in-between Sweden and Finland. Leading to the object was a churned-up track around 300 meters long across the sea floor, seeming to suggest that a UFO had crashed into the sea.

On the website of the Ocean Explorer on 7 June 2012, it said that divers were down and that they had been investing the circle and that the reports coming from the ship said that they were amazed. They went on to say that there was definitely something hidden on the seabed. This news posting followed on from the days before when it was said that the ship, Ancylus, which was carrying Ocean X team had anchored above the circular object.

However, a word document had been uploaded to the website of the Ocean X Team, and it was indexed and cached by the Google search engine, and this tells of something else strange.

Circle Project Creates Publicity And Money

It said that the Ocean X Team would be doing their most to create publicity of the Circle project, attracting valuable and considerable media attention, which could then be used for advertising. Around 700 million worldwide viewers reached the news broadcasts it said, with the Internet-based outlets for news not being included.

The document then went on to suggest that the main interest of the team is the anomaly of monetary compensation. It asked if the circle could be salvaged and whether it contained a monetary value. It said that should the circle be a natural resource then the OX team couldn’t guarantee compensations because it was located in the economic zone.

The information is easy to access by making a simple and easy search on Google. The document in question is in PDF format and was indexed by the search engine, with it containing the budget calculations of the team, in English.

So it looks like perhaps the whole thing was just to generate interest and money, it could be a UFO, it may be a meteor, Russian submarine base, something that had been dumped into the sea, or maybe it is nothing at all.

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