Is Donald Trump Part Of The New World Order?

Is Donald Trump Part Of The New World Order?

Could the 1% be any more gruesome? Could the rich possibly gain any further power? Such questions are soon to be validated as the rise of the New World Order play out through Donald Trump’s hands. He does not work alone. Mr. President has a few connections up his sleeve. Tied to the infamous Banking Dynasty, the Rothschilds, and even the Russian Mob, Trump is everything but an outsider.

President Trump’s Cataclysm: The America Government

Long and not so virtuous lines of GOP nominees have had comfortable seats in the properties pockets of the Rothschilds. Though, could this be the first time America is being puppeteered by a pure Rothschild presidential actor? This sort of ventriloquism has spent 30 years perfecting it’s performance. They acknowledged his potential to be a powerful person and readily rescued him from bankruptcy. That being said, it seems ridiculous to even assume that this new presidential elect isn’t tied to New World Order related groups. Though he markets himself as an outsider, it appears he could not more associated with the political ingroup. His affiliations are far not so limited to solely the Rothschilds, for it seems that Trump is undeniably bound to Russia as well.

Among the shadow deals and organizations Trump has been linked to, his ties to Mogilevich stands out. Donald Trump has ties to Semion Mogilevich whom the FBI calls the most dangerous man in the world, Mogilevich is wanted in the US and Canada and several other countries for multiple felony counts due to his involvement in the Russia Mob. A real life godfather like figure, he reportedly runs the mob and has close ties to Putin. He is involved in contract murder, extortion, money laundering, drug trafficking, prostitution, etc. Trump inc has linked to known subordinates of Moglievich aka Yaponchik AKA Vyacheslav Ivankov. During the years this man was active in NYC, he frequently Trump Tower. This is far from the least suspicious thing linking him to the Russians, but may be the most blatantly criminal.

But that's not all, among other things, Trump has ties to a convicted pedophile billionaire. Epstein was famous for his influential status as a magnet for the rich and powerful. He cultivated many many friends of this kind and Trump is linked to lots of powerful people this way, ministers, CEOs, celebrities and so on.

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