Japanese cryptid Bigfoot


We haven’t had a Bigfoot video in a little while, I have looked at Sasquatch like creatures from many parts of the world. I always like to find the wild humanoids that are a little less well known.

Asia is said to be home to animals like the Batutut and the orang pendek, Japan also has its own version

“A Dreadful, Real-Life ‘Monster’ that it is said looks Like some kind of evil Ape”

Beasts which have a somewhat man like appearance are often featured in myths and legends from different cultures around the globe. The most famous ‘wild man’ of today has to be the Sasquatch or Big Foot of North America, this cryptid humanoids fame be closely followed by its cousins The Abominable Snowman – or Yeti – of the Himalayas.

We can also head down under and fin that Australia has their own man-beast “the Yowie”. Zipping across the water to Sumatra and we come across the Orang Pendek, This wild man of the jungle not matching the size of its relatives from the north and is thought to be a small unknown ape that walks upright.

South America has it Reports of large violent apes and we cannot forget the Russian Bigfoot also known as Almasty or Almas.

For many who casually view the subject of cryptid wild men they may think that that the legend of Big Foot is a modern concept.

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