Joe Biden in "Y'all ain't Black"

Joe Biden in "Y'all ain't Black"

Democrat Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden claims "Y'all ain't black" if you have to think about whether to back him over President Trump.

At first I thought Joe was making the bold and somewhat hard to believe statement that "all black people had the power to decide without thinking about it" but after a second, I realised Joe had caught me in his neverending web of confused old man ramblings and disturbing lap habits.

Behold America, the party that brought you Hollywood and the KKK has exposed it's next puppet-in-chief for all to see.

Will the most important election on Earth be decided by rational thought and debate of policy?

Or will people allow themselves to be manipulated into picking a party that has now admitted EXPECTS their vote?

Stay tuned for more manipulated news from all the best media stations. And of course, as with all #BidenGaffes let us ask;

How would the mainstream media -noble arbiters of truth and creators of all hypes and crises - respond to this latest if it was President Trump making blatantly racist statements?


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