JUST NOW: Huge Meteor explodes over Siberia turning night into day

JUST NOW: Huge Meteor explodes over Siberia turning night into day

On Tuesday, a large burning object with a tail was seen traveling across the sky in the Republic of Khakassia in Russia. Shortly afterward, it touched the ground with a loud "bang," setting off car alarms and security systems. Residents of the area expressed confusion, awe, and fear at the event. "I thought that it was a bomb, "stated one witness.

Brilliant, colorful object filmed flying through the Siberian sky

Many videos have already made their rounds on social media, so all who are curious may see the event for themselves. Immediately before the object appeared in the sky, the sky lit up as if it were day. Though it was quite dark outside, the town of Sayanogorsk (where the flying object was seen) quickly brightened and snow, buildings, trees, and cars were all visible in the light. At that point, the object became visible as it flew across the sky towards the earth. It was a fiery orange in color and appeared to be on fire.

Local authorities have attempted to calm the distressed locals. Currently, they are stating that it was a naturally-occurring meteor that burned up in the atmosphere, causing no damage. However, some have expressed concern that it was the result of a rocket malfunction. Others have begun speculation online that the flaming object may have been the result of some other technological mishap. In the meantime, regional authorities have dispatched an expedition to the Babik Valley region in an attempt to collect fragments of said meteor.

Residents noted that the incident showed great similarity with an apparent meteor that struck back in Chelyabinsk in 2013. Viktor Grokhovsky, a professor at the Ural Federal University, stated that the Tuesday's apparent meteor was likely several times smaller than the one in Chelyabinsk. Natan Eysmont from the Russian Space Research Institute was able to provide further detail. "It was probably no more than 10 to 15 meters in diameter." Eysmont went on to note that it was "made of stone, not iron."

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