Largest spider in the world discovered in Australia

Probably the largest spider in the world was discovered in Australia. The "thing" even has a nickname already!

The Australian ASPCA Barnyard Betty's Rescue posted a Huntsman spider on their Facebook Page that even experts stunned.

The spider was "rescued" from a neighboring house in October last year and then released on the association's animal farm.

Giant Huntsman Spider
Photo: Barnyard Betty's Rescue

Before the animal rights activists released the giant again into freedom, they quickly christened the almost car-sized specimen the name "Charlotte". Sweet!

Active hunting in Australia

Huntsman spiders are native to Australia. They owe their name to their special hunting technique. Unlike most of their peers, Huntsman spiders don't build webs - they actively hunt. They not only catch insects, but also small mammals.

Huntsman spiders usually grow a little over 20 centimeters. Seldom do specimens reach the size of "Charlotte", which is estimated to be over 40 centimeters in diameter. Incidentally, the gigantic crawlers are neither poisonous nor particularly aggressive.