Leftism Still Attracts the Mentally Ill

More academic data is continuing to prove what most of us have learned by simple observation:

Leftism Continues to Attract the Mentally Ill, particularly those who describe themselves as white liberals


The latest comes from Zach Goldberg who's Twitter profile describes him:

PhD student/Wokeness Studies scholar researching the 'Great Awokening'

In a series of survey questions, the lefties admitted to exactly what anyone who's ever interacted with them know beyond doubt:

They are irrational, angry, grudge holding, ideological supremacists who suffer from some form of diagnosed mental disorder on a scale that is almost frightening.

Here they admit how much thinking about politics drives them bonkers compared to moderates and conservatives:

Plot Politics Columnist

Here they admit to holding grudges over politics and wishing ill upon their ideological opponents

Plot Angle Line

Here they admit to wanting to basically permanently Red Letter anyone who has ever strayed from their religious orthodoxy into blasphemy. Blasphemy being anything from an insensitive joke to outright racist comments.

Plot One Billion Americans The Case For Thinking Bigger White Liberals

This graph proves that either being a leftist attracts those prone to depression, or that being tasked with saving the whole world one mask and black person at a time will cause depression, you decide:

Plot Product Design

This new study seems to correspond with previous data from Germany, improving the study's accuracy:

PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES ps.psychiatryonline.org/... December 2004 Vol. 55 No. 12 1 1 4 4 4 4 0 0 Outpatients with chronic mental illness living in therapeutic resi- dential facilities in Mannheim, Germany (N=110) responded to an opinion poll to determine their voting preferences for the 2002 federal election to the Bun- destag. The poll found that the outpatients were significantly more likely than the general population in Mannheim to pre- fer left-wing parties (78 percent compared with 56 percent).


Going back to 2007 Republicans and conservatives have consistently reported better mental health than both their liberal and moderate counter-parts:

Republicans Report Much Better Mental Health Than Others


Face it my leftist lunatic friends, y'alls cray cray!



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