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Leonardo Da Vinci Hid 'Secret Alien Painting' In The Mona Lisa!

Leonardo Da Vinci Hid 'Secret Alien Painting' In The Mona Lisa!

There are people in this world that stand out more than others; these are often called geniuses as their thought process far exceeds that of a regular person.

One such person that made a huge difference to the world and is considered one of the greatest minds of all time is nonother than Leonardo Da Vinci.

The extraordinary polymath was a master in several different arts and sciences. Nowadays some conspiracy theorists believe that Da Vinci could have been influenced by extraterrestrial entities or that he could have been one himself.

Many theologians believe that his artworks and paintings hide secret codes and meanings. One such mysterious painting is the Mona Lisa, and some UFO hunters believe that it actually hides a portrait of an extraterrestrial high priest or leader.

Another painting that seems to hide a portrait of an Alien creature is another one of Da Vinci's work called 'St John The Baptist'.

Is Leonardo Da Vinci trying to tell us something?

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